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Home insurance can assist you financially in case you are victim of a theft or burglary, however you should ensure you have good quality locks to secure your home.

A burglary at home can be a stressful and traumatic experience, but home insurance can help relieve some of the financial burden after the event: home insurance will help you replacing or recovering stolen items covered on your home insurance policy.

Good quality, secure locks for your home are as essential as good home insurance. A strong lock on your front door, back door, all windows and any other point of access will mean that your home is better protected against intruders. Your home insurance company may request or recommend certain types of locks that are more secure than others. If you do not take sufficient steps to secure your home, you may find that your insurance claim for theft is not even valid.

Lock safety
Front door: you should ideally double lock your front door for improved safety. You may also want to have a sliding chain lock on the inside as added protection when opening the door.

Back door: your back door can have a main lock and top and bottom locks for added security. Glass may look attractive in your back door, but it can also be easily broken. Back doors can be particularly at risk from intruders, as they are often hidden from view and give easy access to burglars.

Change the locks: You may want to consider replacing your locks on a regular basis. This may only be once every couple of years, but it ensures that any lost or old keys will not work in your locks. Crimestoppers advises that burglars may return to the same property within 7 to 10 days of first committing a crime – so you should always change your locks if you are a victim of a theft at home.1

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By taking care of the locks and security on your home, you can avoid being a victim of crime or theft. With good home insurance and good quality locks, your home and contents should therefore be protected for the future.

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