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This weekend’s (2nd October 2011) is one of the biggest events of its kind in the north of England and will host stalls from producers from all over the region – and one from as far away as our twin-town in Germany. Chefs from local will be putting on cooking demonstrations throughout the day, and amongst other attractions, Look North’s will be opening the event in the morning. The Food Festival is an asset to the town and, in my opinion, one of the best things the town council has to offer. If you haven’t been before make sure you get to the town centre this Sunday.

The would not take place without the work (heroics) of the staff, and especially our Clerk , to whom we are indebted for making the event happen. Thanks also go to councillors who have helped out, such as the Mayor of , and also councillor . Should you want to, you will be able to see us on the day – hopefully with better weather than last year!

In other , I recently visited Town Council to learn about how they function in the community. Town councils do not replace (ERYC). Rather they supplement ERYC, the district council, at a local level. Town and district councils also provide different services. Here in ERYC is very much the bigger fish. funds various local services such as , detached youth workers and events. However in the Town Council runs parks, markets and local amenities, as well as working with charities and social enterprises. They even have a (which doubles-up as a fully functioning cinema) where both national and community groups put on shows, and tickets are heavily subsidised to the local community for all to come and enjoy the local culture.

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In we have other outlets for the same facilities – minus the cinema, unfortunately. Community groups are always welcome to approach the town council to work together on projects, however there are plenty of high-functioning groups who do not need us, and provide excellent services, fund raisers and events – the Lions’ bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night, for example.

It was great to learn of other ways of doing things, or of how we could work with community groups to do or try new things in . I hope to use the experience to be able to offer more to local groups who want to work with us.

The future is very much a blank canvass.


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  1. I for one will always be grateful to former Councillor and Mayor Matt Snowden without whom there would never have been a Food Festival.

    I suppose it’s out of sight, out of mind, since he decided not to stand at the last election his contributions seem to have been ignored.

    How fickle are we?

  2. David

    You may or may not know (but I think you probably do) that I was not involved with the town council before the election, so my experience of the food festival has been as described above.

    However, I am very happy to thank Matt Snowden for what is now his legacy as a town councillor/mayor. Arguably I should have said so above. I hope to see him there on Sunday.

    “Fickle” is an interesting choice of word.


  3. If I didn’t know better I’d think I was being trolled by Brian Pearson! Obviously rubbing off…

    On a serious note, I think we can agree that the Food Festival was a success?

  4. No it does not make me feel any better about it at all Stuart. Charity is not an excuse to overcharge for a single sausage in a roll, it did taste nice though.

  5. Will see what can be done. However its a bit beyond the remit of Beverley Town Council to interfere with market forces!

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