Beverley ARLC Face Stern Test at Pontefract

The blue and golds make the trip to Pontefract this Saturday to play Chequerfield Rangers in a pre-season friendly.

The new season will commence the first weekend of September and the picture is now a little clearer as to the make up of the two divisions.

West ‘A’,East ‘A’,Skirlaugh ‘A’ and Dockers ‘A’ have left the & District League to play in a March to November season as part of the RFL’s pyramid structure.

However the league will not suffer a loss of numbers as Lambwath Lions will enter a second team and a new team called Red Hawk from will play at Brantingham Park.

Division One should comprise of : ,, , , GW Horners, Isberg, Lambwath Lions ‘A’ Norland ‘A’, Orchard Park, Red Hawk and either ‘A’ or depending if one of those two teams feel they are strong enough to compete in the Premier Division.

Bilton Sullys, Reckitts, and Lambwath Lions have been promoted to the Premeir Division to take their place along side Bransholme, Duke of York, Wyke, Norland and Parkers.

and his assistant Adam Wallas have been putting their men through their paces in pre season training during the past month and this stern test agains higher ranked opposition should provide them with a useful barometer for the new season ahead.

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  1. glad you did well lads carnt wait to start the new season with yeh and sorry couldnt make this match

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