Appeal For Help: Mystery Vandals Trash Garden

Any information leading to the apprehension of  the gang of vandals that trashed my front garden will be rewarded with 2 front row seats at the next Concert.

The pictures gives the clearest indication as to the identity of the culprits in general terms.

Unfortunately were not too interested in doing a DNA analysis on the samples left behind by the gang.

Maybe they the Police have gone soft on this type of crime?

Alf who lives in the gatehouse  whacked one with a stick as it wouldn’t come out of another garden and was reported to the RSPCA who later interrogated him.

I am an avid reader of your publication (especially when I am in it  thoug would like to remain annoymous in case they decide to take revenege and return with their friends.

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A number of reported sightings of the prime suspects sugest their hideout is located on the

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