Steve Rial’s 1969 BSA Starfire @ Beverley Classic Car Rally

“It’s not alive if it’s not dripping.”

That’s how , the head maintenance man at Minster, described his British classic 1969 BSA Starfire at Wednesday’s .

Steve has owned his BSA since 1984, riding it all over the place and keeping it in pristine condition thanks to the efforts of the men at on .

He told .net: “In its day this was the fastest 250cc bike around.

“Unlike a lot of modern, bigger bikes, this is built to throw around corners and you can be a bit rough with it.

“I am just back from the TT, and I would love to take this to ride around the course. Maybe we can get a trailer and do it next year.”

Steve describes his bike as a “Marmite bike – you either love it or hate it”.

He pointed out the oil leaking from under the bike, and said it was a loveable trait of most most British bikes of the era.

He continued: “British bikes always drip – as we say, it’s not alive if it doesn’t drip!

“I keep it going thanks to Ray at . He always MOT’s it for me and is always there to advise me. He’s a star.”

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