Bells Ring Out At Beverley Treasure House

A new exhibition at the Treasure House, , looks at the fascinating world of church bell ringing, researched by members of the and District Ringing Society and the .

The sound of church bells is iconic to Britain and this exhibition celebrates this very familiar part of daily life, from the resurgence of ringers after the Second World War to the work being undertaken by the local bell repair fund and from how bells are cast to bell ringing practice times at local churches.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, 25 June and coincides with the church open day of St Mary’s, which includes trips up into the tower and the priest’s room.

Workshops for adults and children in ringing will be held at the Treasure House throughout the summer.
workshops at the Treasure House Led by members of the

Bells Ring Out                Kids Ring Out
Adults’ Workshop             Children’s Workshop (aged 10 – 16)
£2.50 (Book in advance)            £1.50 (Book in advance)

Thursday, 7 July 6pm–7.30pm        Saturday, 23 July 10am – 11.30am
Thursday, 4 August 6pm–7.30pm            Saturday, 13 August 10am – 11.30am
Saturday, 3 September 2pm–3.30pm    Saturday, 3 September 10am11.30am


To book an event, call (01482) 392706/392699

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