Meet Your Conservative Candidates

Conservative candidates in this May’s will hold a street surgery in this Saturday.

All six candidates, standing for the St Mary’s and Minster and Woodmansey wards in will be available to talk to members of the public.

The street surgery will be held at the junction of Toll Gavel and Cross Street between 10am and midday on Saturday, March 5.

This will be a chance for residents to meet and raise any issues with Conservative candidates ahead of the .

The selected Candidates are:

Minster & Woodmansey

St Marys

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  1. Matt, I’ll be busy Saturday so can you bring me a coffee down to Wilkos corner about 11:00 ish?

  2. You must be joking! I’m not your butler -I know you Tory Toffs are used to us worker ants serving you, but the times have changed!

    I may come along and ask the candidates what they think about the so-called Big Society and other awkward questions… I might even bring the Beverley Badger with me!

  3. Perhaps you should rephrase that coffee order – it sounds a wee bit racist.

    Ha – it didn’t take long for your picture at the top of the front page to be replaced with an inanimate object! 😉

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