Jolene Setterfield: A Divine Inspiration

, 28 of Lincoln Way, describes herself as an internationally successful medium, visionary, Intuitive Divine Channel and entrepreneur.

Over the last four years Jolene has developed a strong network of likeminded associates all over the world and is soon jetting off to Los Angeles where she is developing a new show for broadcast. On top of this Jolene’s first book ‘A Reminder’ is being published later in the year and her specially developed ‘Reminder Cards’ are selling like hot-cakes all over the world.

International success didn’t come easy for Jolene, she says that

“you sometimes have to experience huge failure to really enjoy and appreciate success and unless I had actually been in that desperate position, I doubt I would be where I am now.”

Four years ago pregnant Jolene left her position in management for the NHS to raise her child, almost simultaneously her husband was made unemployed which, trapped by debt, saw them hit rock bottom. “It was a horrible position to be in and such a frightening time for us but I felt the solution to the situation inside me. It wasn’t in my nature to watch my world crumbling down around me and to not do anything. I felt I had to do something positive and change our situation.”

“Different techniques work for different . It’s about finding the method that suits your character. My advice for readers of .net would be to have clarity in your life, set yourself goals and focus solely on achieving them. Don’t be afraid, face your fears. Start with what you’ve got, always appreciate what you have and where you are and keep the focus on what you want. There is no use in sitting and waiting for things to come to you, that doesn’t work. This would be like writing a shopping list and not going to get the shopping! It is about saving yourself and realising that you have the capacity to do just that. Life is a ride and you have the power to make the journey incredible.”

Jolene, who has a degree in management, followed her gut feeling and along with her husband Paul, worked incredibly hard to develop a software company. “We had nothing, so in that position you have to create some goals and I found that focusing on those goals as opposed to the negative situation we were in really helped.”

Focus, hard-work and dedication saw their small software company, Garage Data Systems (located on ) develop into an internationally successful company within a couple of years. “I am so grateful for everything that has happened with the , but I will never forget that dreadful feeling I had at the beginning and I cannot bare the thought of anyone else feeling that way which is why I decided to use my experience to help inspire others & create some useful tools to help pull through tough times.”

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Jolene was raised by a spiritually open family and became intuitively aware from a very young age as she was always encouraged by her elders to use her Divine gifts and Jolene believes these gifts were partly responsible for her success. “The best way to describe it is as a gut feeling, we refer to this as instinct, a powerful force within that guides you. It’s not wishful thinking, or believing that everything is just going to come to you. It’s about searching within for guidance and then doing everything in your physical power to pursue that.” For years Jolene had contemplated creating her own deck of cards and, again following her intuition, she developed the Reminder Cards.

The deck consists of 44 cards, each decorated with stunning imagery and a positive message and they have been designed specifically to bring forth the highest and purest part of you – your Divine inner spirit. “I know that to some it will sound a bit daft but I am not an airy fairy character, I am just a regular girl with a big heart and I know that we are all blessed with this Divine Inner strength and I am passionate about helping realise that they have some control in their destiny.”

The cards do what they say on the tin. They act as a simple reminder for the things in life that are so easy to forget. The reminder cards can be purchased from and have been in huge demand worldwide since their initial release. Jolene is has many testimonials claiming that the cards have actually changed ’s lives. The popularity of the cards has seen Jolene get signed by a top publishing company, who will be releasing the book ‘A Reminder’ later in the year.

This year Jolene is determined to continue inspiring all over the world, starting with Los Angeles next month where Jolene is working alongside a Hollywood producer to develop a show that will see her partner up with entertainer and comedian Scott Brandon Hoffman.

Jolene will also be working very closely with her personal mentor Mr Neale Donald Walsch, who she cites as an inspiration as she feels that they share a similar vision of empowerment and humility within the world.

It is very easy to be cynical about spirituality but by being internationally successful, incredibly happy and with a positive, bright and exciting future to look forward to is living proof of the benefits of divine intuition. If you believe in yourself, you really can achieve absolutely anything.

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