Beverley Town Council AGM 2010



The held their annual general meeting at the yesterday evening. Residents within the parish were invited to attend and raise their concerns and give feedback on topics related to and the Town Council.

As expected the Beverley Memorial Hall and its proposed redevelopment and more importantly it’s financing was a hot topic. There clearly no quick fix or solution that will please everyone. One person suggested each hold should pay a small one off premium to get the finance needed as apposed to borrowing large sums on money.

Pat Nolan raised concerns over the market, Mr Nolan expressed concerns that one of Beverley’s biggest assets was not publicised enough to would be visitors. Mr Nolan also emphasised the fact Beverley is, first and foremost a ‘Historic Market Town’.

Questions were also raised regarding the expenditure on Festivals organised by Council. Beverley has a wide range of festivals through out the year including The Food Festival. These events attract vast amounts of people into the town while boosting the local economy though needs to be paid for.

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What this meeting lacked was wider range of people of different ages. There seems to be a misunderstanding of local councils as a whole and their importance and what they actually do for a community.

If anything can be learnt from last night it is that younger people in Beverley need to stand up and be counted and be more involved in shaping the future of this town.

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  1. After you left I suggested that the next Annual Town Meeting included a public forum like last nights but also a night where information stalls were set up and residents could talk to organisers of events, detached youth workers, even Councillors on a one to one basis about what they want from their Town Council.
    Please send your ideas about how we can communicate better with our residents to the Town Counci. l

  2. As one of the younger people I agree with Mr. Nolan that Beverley should build on it’s traditional assets: the market, the racecourse, the Westwoods, the Minster and the healthy pub scene. Wouldn’t it be good to link all these attractions by a pedestrianized and themed walkway with a more continental feel about it?

  3. The suggestion by the Mayor that Councillors could be available on a one-to-one basis at the annual meeting is, in my opinion, a none-starter. Apart from the legality of such a Town Council Meeting there is the problem that the council is made up of individual people, I could sit and talk to some of them and we would agree on almost everything while others would hold views diametrically opposed to mine. One thing is sure, I would not alter their views and they would not alter mine whereas in a meeting with questions from the floor it is possible to hear a point of view and think: ‘I had never thought of that, good idea.’
    I think that I understand what Cllr Elvidge idea is, he is very committed to his own point of view and totally believes that what he does is the right thing for the town, this means he think that the people who disagree with him do so because they do not understand not because they have a different view. He is totally devoted to the festival; ‘Army Day’ and, I must say it was a great success but I am still reluctant that the residents of Beverley must shell out over twelve thousand pounds each year to hold this festival annually. Cllr Elvidge’s commitment to this festival might be because of patriotism and respect for the armed forces, I do not know (I am sure that it has nothing at all to do with him being employed at Leconfield) but I feel that commercial sponsors should be sought out to lessen the cost to the taxpayer, there are other expenditures and donations made by the council that I disagree with but that he thinks are correct, I am sure that he firmly believes that he is right but so did a lot of the MPs think that about their expenses.

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