East Yorkshire Cross Country League ‘Race 5 Welton’


The penultimate race in the East Yorkshire Cross Country League took place at Welton last Sunday.  Over a hundred athletes from local running clubs tackled a very muddy 5-mile course through Welton Dale.

finished fourth overall and was the first runner to finish.  After the race he commented: “It was horrible slow and sticky mud.”

Most runners had found the going really tough but Pearson noted that “ was outstanding and also ran really well.”

was indeed outstanding as the second runner home and finishing in 23rd position overall.   In his first season in the cross country league he has competed in all races and has gradually crept up the finishing order from 55th in the first race.  The muddy conditions at Welton did not seem to hamper him and his excellent performance was rewarded with valuable points for the men’s team.

It was ’s first cross country race since joining Athletic Club last year and she finished just behind club stalwart adding valuable points to the ladies’ team score.  Stamford was using the race as part of her marathon training and ran home afterwards to clock up a total of 19 miles.

With one race left in the series ’s men’s and ladies’ teams are both lying in fourth position.  If the club can field its strongest teams they have a chance of challenging for third position but with club members committed to training for various road marathons the cross country league may not be a priority.

Athletic Club finishing times Men:
34.16; 37.30; Steve Jackson 37.52; Paul Clark 38.53; 38.59; Kristian Davis 39.03; Andy Collinson 39.08; 39.50; 40.19; Steve Hadley 45.40; 47.01; Colin Sleight 48.17; 59.41.

finishing times Ladies:
46.15 ; 46.31; Tanwen Gray 48.46; 50.56; Dianne Coleman 52.11; 52.41; 57.54; Elaine Julian 59.23; 69.50.

The race was won by Stuart Carmichael of City of Hull in 32.05 and the first lady to finish was Helen Cross of Pocklington in 37.17.

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