FREE Cyber Safety Workshop in Beverley

A free workshop is being held for parents in to help them understand more about how young use the internet and what parents can do to help safeguard their children.

The internet is used widely by young and in often a different manner to how their parents may use it.  The workshop will look at some of these differences and explore how young use the internet including: social networking, instant messaging, chat rooms and downloading .

The workshop will also explore some of the risks to young and what parents can do to safeguard their children.

Andy Brookes, e-safety manager for Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning, said:  “Parents need to understand how their children are using the internet and some of the risks they may face.

“This workshop will help parents do this and will also explore a number of ways in which parents can protect their children including setting rules and limits, talking about good practice, parental controls and monitoring programs and other sources of online help and advice.”

, extended schools co-ordinator for , said: “Last year we undertook some research with local parents to find out what help and support they most needed.

“Information and support around internet safety came out as one of the topics parents wanted support with.  As a result we have worked with a number of partners including Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning, Digital Learning Community, local schools and parent support workers to provide this short workshop for parents.”

The workshop is being held Wednesday, 27 January, between 7-9pm at .

For more information or to book a place, call the , on (01482) 389092or email

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