Molescroft Inn

The is a traditional pub located just outside the centre of , there is a large dinning area where freshly homemade food is served through the day and in the evening.

The offers a set Sunday Menu each and Sunday and booking is advised as they are often very busy, customers also benefit from free parking.

– 75, Molescroft Rd,  , East Yorkshire, 7EG – 01482 862968

Molescroft Inn

– 75, Molescroft Rd,  , East Yorkshire, 7EG – 01482 862968

Molescroft Inn – 75, Molescroft Rd, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 7EG – 01482 862968

– 75, Molescroft Rd,  , East Yorkshire, 7EG – 01482 862968

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  1. I dined at your pub last night. The standard of food has dropped dramatically since I visited a couple of months ago. I ordered the Lamb Shank, when it eventually arrived, I couldn’t cut the meat it was so tough, the vegetables were raw, I like my veg with a bite, however, the cauliflower, carrots and cabbage were definately raw. I called the waitress over, she was very apologetic, she asked if I
    would like the same again. I said I would, she then came back telling me the chef told her if one lamb shank was like that they all would be!!!!!! I ordered a chicken breast dish, I waited for such a long time that my friend had finished meal.

  2. It was passable but nothing special. I also had to ask for a refund of the difference in price of the dishes. The waitress was lovely but I thought I should have been offered a glass of wine maybe, for the inconvenience of having to wait such a long time for my meal. I think the meals are overpriced for what you get. I don’t mind paying any price for a decent meal, however that to me was not a decent meal.

  3. I couldn’t disagree more. I eat regularly at the Molescroft and have never had a single complaint. The food is incredible (Steak pie being a favourite) and the service is of a very high standard.

    Anyone who has not eaten at the Molescroft should not be deterred by Mrs Westaby’s comments. I hope Mrs Westaby can use as much energy fighting for a worthwhile and humane cause. Some people in this world have real problems and some moan about a lamb shank. Do you watch the news Mrs Westaby? Whilst you are wasting plates of vegetables Somalia is on the very brink of starvation. Think about that next time some food is not prepared to cater for your specific requirements.

  4. I have eaten both lunch and evening meals there and find the quality varies to say the least, although it does make Hayride look good

  5. My husband, son and myself visited The molescroft Inn on the 3/11/2013, it was cosy and warm and that is where the cgood comments end for me. We decided to go out for a sunday lunch, not wanting to go far we decided to try “The Local”.
    We all ordered a sunday lunch, Beef, Turkey and the Ham. After watching all the other meals going by, i was waiting with antisipation and bated breath, only to be severley disappointed. Where do i start, the carrots were warm and not cooked, the yorkshire pudding was like chewing sawdust, the meat was just warm, mash potato was bland, roast potatoes warmed up as must have been cooked in the morning. Begrudgingly paid £40 for this. Following day my husband and I to put it mildly were fighting over the bathroom! Needless to say i will not be eating here again. The service at the bar was fine, however the service at our table was poor to say the least. The waiter/ server was far, far from attentive.

  6. Molescroft pub will always be special to me. I was born there in 1939. The landlord and landlady mr and Mrs Gibson were my grandparents. Mrs Peggy Walker nee Green.

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