The Ragamuffins

musical pair and   also know as the were joined by Tim Gaydon and Phil Barber as they set to work on the much awaited second album.

The who released ‘Our ’ which is a collection of songs about the town are pushing all the stops to get their new album ‘Gallows Lane’ in shops by .

The John Burges & Jerry O’Connell featuring Tim Gaydon and Phil Barber


Exclusive video of ’s recording ‘Wezzo’ for their new album

Picture showing ’s recording – Click the thumbnail to view image

Picture showing ’s Ragamuffins recording – Click the thumbnail to view image

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  1. The Ragamuffins and friends will be performing live all day (Saturday 19th June 2010) and late into the evening at the Tiger Inn Pub, Beverley. Join John Burgess and Jerry O’Connell for music that has a very local feel to it.

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