Beverley Firm To Explore Benefits Of Mini Holland Scheme

Beverley Firm To Explore Benefits Of Mini Holland Scheme
Firm To Explore Benefits Of Mini Holland Scheme

Local Transport Projects Ltd based in Beverley, East Yorkshire will carry out a study on behalf of Hull City Council to try and encourage people to swap their cars for push bikes.

Kingswood and Bransholme will be covered by the study, which will begin this month. The government is funding a Mini Holland scheme in Hull, which is one of 19 places receiving funding.

In three London boroughs, Mini Holland schemes combine a Dutch-style infrastructure with segregated cycle lanes and cyclist-friendly junctions.

Their name refers to their goal of being as cycle-friendly as their Dutch counterparts. 

Mark Ieronimo, Portfolio Holder for Transportation, Roads, Highways at Hull City Council, said: 

“The feasibility study for the mini-Holland scheme will give us the opportunity to find out how we can improve transport facilities for people living in Kingswood and Bransholme.”

“Both areas include large residential populations. By understanding how they travel, it will help us to deliver a more modern transport network that works for them.”

Hull’s two areas have been identified as ideal locations for this project. This is because there is an opportunity to improve the road network. Doing so would enable more people to take advantage of sustainable transportation.

Mini Holland Scheme Wants People To Get Out Of Their Cars 

Both areas have existing transport links around the city that can be enhanced by the mini-Holland project, which will deliver a joined-up scheme to enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Off-road segregated pedestrian and also cycle facilities may be built on Hollwell Road in Bransholme if the plans are approved.

A number of frequent bus services are also provided at Bransholme centre and Kingswood Retail Park. To make it easier for local residents to access these services, the scheme will improve the pedestrian network.

As a result, it would improve access to major employment hubs such as Sutton Fields industrial estate, which employs over 1,500 people from the nearby residential areas.

An Expression of Interest was submitted in August 2021, which led to the award of funding. A total of nineteen local authorities obtained feasibility funding, including Hull.

Upon reviewing the results, the Department for Transport will determine which proposals will be funded and executed.

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