Liberal Democrats See Off Tories To Win By-Election

Liberal Democrats See Off Tories To Win By-Election
Liberal Democrats See Off Tories To Win By-Election

The Liberal Democrats succeeded in fending off a Conservative challenge in the St Mary’s East town council by-election.

Their candidate, Alison Healy, was elected with 45%of the vote, ahead of Conservative .

Labour continued their form of finishing in the last place in St Mary’s elections.

The result restores the Liberal Democrat majority on Beverley Town Council. Liberal Democrat group leader, Cllr Denis Healy, said:

“We are privileged to have received the support of the people of St Mary’s East. On the doorsteps, people were telling us that they appreciate Liberal Democrat councillors who work hard for their communities and get things done.”

“Whether it’s brightening up the town and its estates, investing in CCTV cameras and delivering real value through the council tax precept reductions.”

“Residents also value that we regularly keep in touch, and don’t just come calling when their votes are up for grabs.”

“Liberal Democrat councillors are inspired and work for their communities, and that’s what people voted for today.”

Newly-elected councillor, Alison Healy said;

“I am honoured to be elected because it means that people have put their trust in me. I was born and raised in Beverley and care deeply about our town.”

“I will continue the all-year-round work of the local Lib Dem team as they listen and respond to their residents.”

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