Brits Reveal The Nation’s Most Annoying Toilet Paper Habits

Brits Reveal The Nation’s Most Annoying Toilet Paper Habits
Brits Reveal The Nation’s Most Annoying Toilet Paper Habits

Toilet paper was one of the most in-demand products in early 2020 and a new Yorkshire Water survey has revealed some of the nation’s biggest frustrations with toilet paper etiquette.

Not replacing a finished loo roll was named as the leading offender, with 68% of respondents in the national survey* naming it as the leading cause of toilet paper-related annoyance.

Running out when guests are visiting was named as a no-no by 49% of people, closely followed by leaving empty cardboard tubes around the bathroom (42%). One in five named placing the toilet roll ‘the wrong way round’ as their main gripe, while forgetting to buy it at the supermarket was the least concerning.

The findings, ahead of National Toilet Paper Day on 26 August, also revealed 21% of people still flush wet wipes down the toilet, despite warnings on packaging and from water companies not to do so.

Mark Hammond, head of customer field services at Yorkshire Water, said: “Toilet paper was one of the most talked-about commodities at the start of this year and it seems loo roll etiquette and habits is a hot topic in households across the UK.

“One of the most frustrating habits we come across is flushing wet wipes, which can cause blockages in our sewer network. We would remind those that flush them that they should only flush are the three Ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. We spend millions of pounds every year on clearing blockages caused by wet wipes – money which could be spent on improving our network or investing in innovation.

“Ultimately, the incorrect of items such as wet wipes, sanitary products and nappies, can result in sewage flooding in homes, neighbourhoods and the local environment, which is not pleasant for anyone concerned.”

The long-time debate over which way to hang a roll of toilet paper has been solved once and for all, with 75% of people hanging toilet paper over the roll.

People in Scotland were most likely to hang the paper over the roll, followed by those in Wales and the South East, while just 58% of people in the North East do so, meaning the great debate may still be raging in households across the region.

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