My Thoughts and Prayers Are With The PM Says Local Cllr

My Thoughts and Prayers Are With The PM Says Local Cllr
My Thoughts and Prayers Are With The PM Says Local Cllr

Local Councillor says his thoughts are with PM Boris Johnson and his family.

His comments come after news the Prime Minister was hospitalised after contracting the coronavirus.

The PM has spent the night in the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit after symptoms he was experiencing worsened.

Speaking to Cllr Healy who sits on both East Riding of Yorkshire Council and said;

“My thoughts and prayers are with the PM and his family at a distressing time.”

“Not only is Boris the leader of our country, but he is also a partner, father, son, brother and family member.”

“The virus has no respecter of power or status, and in the end, each one of us is a vulnerable human being, no different from each other.”

Cllr Healy also took the opportunity to praise NHS staff saying that the PM was in the best hands possible.

He added;

“Boris is in the hands of the best team of clinicians in the world, and we can have nothing but gratitude and admiration for our amazing NHS workers.”

“My appeal to everyone is to stay home and stay safe.”

“That’s what Boris wants us to do, so let’s do it for him and pray that he is back leading this country again as soon as he possibly can.”

PM Would Want Us All To Stay At Home At Protect The NHS

There are now calls for the nation to back the PM and ‘Clap For Boris’ on Tuesday evening.

To date over 5,700 people have been killed by the virus in the UK. People across the UK are being urged to stay home and help protect the NHS.

Locally East Riding of Yorkshire Council is reminding residents that despite the good weather to stay at home. They are concerned the soaring temperatures could lead to people visiting the East Coast.

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