Nativity Play By St Mary’s Primary School Is A Festive Cracker

Nativity Play By St Mary's Primary School Is A Festive Cracker
Nativity Play By St Mary’s Primary School Is A Festive Cracker

Pupils from St Mary’s Primary School in Beverley hosted a Nativity Play that proved to be a real hit.

Following several weeks of hard work, pupils from the schools Foundation group took to stage performing live in front of their parents.

Staff at the school were thrilled with how great the children looked and the effort they put in. 

Commenting on the play Mrs Kate Little, Foundation Teacher said;

“At St Mary’s we do lots of plays, but as a church school we think it is very important that the Nativity is done at Christmas.”

“There were several weeks of rehearsals and practices and all the children have worked so hard. Some of them were quite nervous but I think they all looked fantastic in their costumes.”

“We added our own spin on it. We had a modern-day family retelling the story of Christmas. The family say that they will tell the story alongside the narrators and then they told the story of the nativity.”

There was one performance, all the children involved certainly looked forward to it. Mrs Little said that the children gained a lot of confidence from taking part. She added;

“I was really pleased with how it came together. They have all got more confident with their voices, their dances and actions. I think the parents really enjoyed it.”

“We had have had lots of support from both parents and the staff at school to make such amazing costumes.”

Nativity Play Perfect Ending To A Busy And Successful Autumn Term

Headteacher Mrs Laura Wallis was thrilled with the Shools Nativity play, she said;

“Everybody in school looks forward to the Nativity every year. We are a Church of England School and that makes the Nativity extra special for us and all also all of the children.”

“All the children looked wonderful in their costumes and their performance was brilliant.”

“It has been a very long Autumn term, but a very successful one.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and thank everybody for their efforts this term.”

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