Hull And East Riding GPs Are Urging People To Stay Well This Winter

Hull And East Riding GPs Are Urging People To Stay Well This Winter
Hull And East Riding GPs Are Urging People To Stay Well This Winter

Christmas and New Year can be a busy time, which makes it easy to miss checking on your medical supplies.

Hull and East Riding GPs are asking people to order repeat prescriptions early to make sure they have enough to tide them over the holiday period when some GP Practices and pharmacies are closed.

In addition, there are a number of things people can do to help them stay well this winter:

Get the flu vaccination

The flu virus strikes in winter and it can be far more serious than people think. People are eligible for a free flu vaccine if they are pregnant, aged 65 or over, if they have a long-term health condition or are a carer. Children aged two or three are also eligible for the flu nasal spray. It’s an important, easy way to stay well this winter. People can speak to their GP, pharmacist or midwife about the free flu vaccine.

Visit the local pharmacist

For people with a minor health problem, the fastest way to get advice is through their local pharmacist. Pharmacists are highly trained medical professionals who can help with a wide range of issues – from stomach bugs to coughs and colds and aches and pains.

See a GP or healthcare professional

Some GP practices will be open over the holiday period. For winter illnesses that aren’t going away with self-care people can make an appointment to see a healthcare professional at their GP practice. To book an appointment, people should contact their GP practice or ring NHS 111 when their practice is closed.

Call NHS 111

For any urgent medical issue, call NHS 111 to speak to a fully trained advisor, 24 hours a day, or go online to where a trained advisor will ask questions about a person’s symptoms and give advice on where to go for treatment. If necessary, NHS 111 advisors can connect people to a nurse, emergency dentist or a GP and they can arrange face-to-face appointments. They will also advise you on whether a person should seek emergency care.

Dr Anne Jeffreys, Local GP and Clinical Chairperson, said: “Whether you have a cold, flu, a tummy bug or something more serious if you or your family are not feeling well please don’t’ wait for it to get worse. We’re here to help you get the right NHS service.

For more information on staying well over the winter period please visit where you can find details on all our services.”

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