Local Labour Party Welcome Extra Cash Pledge For NHS

Local Labour Party Welcome Extra Cash Pledge For NHS
Local Labour Party Welcome Extra Cash Pledge For NHS

Campaigners in Beverley and Holderness today welcomed Labour Party plans to rescue our National Health Service with a £40 billion extra cash boost for the NHS.

Under these plans, cash would include funding for 5,000 more GPs and 28,000 extra nurses, midwives and also health visitors.

The money would also result in the rebuilding crumbling hospitals and providing modern equipment to improve cancer care; a cash boost for mental health care; and improving children’s health.

Responding to the announcement, Chloe Hopkins the Labour Parliamentary Candidate in Beverley and Holderness said;

“This policy could not be more welcome for our area. Nearly 1 in 5 people have had to wait a week or more to see a GP. NHS staff are being put under enormous pressure by the increasing demands of an ageing population.”

“Patients in Withernsea and Hornsea are forced to travel to Beverley or Bransholme for treatment.”

“We need to rebuild our NHS so that it works for everyone and I am proud to represent the party offering the real change our health service needs.”

Local Labour Party Say Choice Is Between Them And Tories

They are also warning voters that the Conservative Party ‘can not be trusted’. Local campaigners maintain that if people services funded properly to vote Labour.

The Local Labour Party say;

“Voters face a stark choice between a Conservative Party who cannot be trusted to act on climate change, to protect our NHS or to properly fund our schools and a transformative Labour Government.”

“Only can be relied upon to give our country the investment it needs so we can put wealth and power in the hands of the many, not the privileged few.”

Beverley and Holderness residents will join the rest of the country and vote on 12 December. To be able to participate you need to be on the electoral roll. You can find out how you can register to vote here

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  1. The only time that there was no increase in money spent on the NHS in the last thirty years was under Labour and Gordon Brown.Sufficent money is spent on the NHS but unfortunately due restricted practices operated under the unions it is wasted.

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