Be Safe Be Seen – No Excuse For Not Having Lights On Your Bike

Be Safe Be Seen – No Excuse For Not Having Lights On Your Bike
Be Safe Be Seen – No Excuse For Not Having Lights On Your Bike

Be Safe Be Seen is a message anyone using a pushbike should take on board. As the winter draws even closer and nights get darker, cyclists need to be sure other road users can see them.

The number of bikes in on our roads that do not have lights is alarming. It is even more alarming that most of these bikes are ridden by young .

Not only do they have no lights, often they are wearing dark clothing making it difficult for other roads users to see them.

While it may seem obvious, to ride a bike on the roads without lights puts the rider at serious risk. Also by going out on a bike with no lights is against the law in the UK.

Lee Frost from Beverley Car and Cycles on Norwood said;

“There is no excuse for not having lights on your bike these days. In terms of cost, a set of lights starts from under £10. By having lights on your bike you are reducing the risk of being involved in an accident.”

“I would like to urge parents to think about their children if they use a bike. They should check that if they are going out on their bikes they have lights on especially through the winter months.”

Be Safe Be Seen While Complying To UK Law 

“Anyone who drives a car will tell you how hard it is to spot a cyclist at night. It is even hard to spot cyclists with dark clothing and no lights.”

“No responsible parent would let their child sit in the front seat of a car with no seat belt on. So why would you let them ride a bike in the dark with no lights?.”

Experts advise cyclists to have two lights on the rear of their bikes. They say that during the dark hours one should flash while the other stays on. They also add they even during daylight hours a flashing rear light should be used.

However, it is not just a question of putting lights on your bike. You also need to ensure the lights you do put on comply with UK laws.

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