How You Can Register To Vote In 2019 General Election

How You Can Register To Vote In 2019 General Election
How You Can Register To Vote In 2019 General Election

With the election approaching here is how you can register to vote. The general election of 2019 is scheduled to take place on 12 December.

Anyone within the East Riding of Yorkshire who wants to take part needs to be registered. To register to vote only takes a few minutes and can be done online.

You can also register to vote through the post or by proxy. To do this you have until 26 November to express your interest to take part in the election.

An election was called by Members of Parlament in an attempt to bring an end to their inability to agree on Brexit.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is certainly keen to try and win a majority. This is so he can push through his withdrawal agreement from the EU.

However, the claim the deal put forward is nothing more than Brexit in name only. They launched their campaign officially today and are fielding 600 candidates including here in .

Other parties including the Liberal Democrats and also to some extent Labour wish to readdress the Brexit issue.

currently holds the seat in Beverley and Holderness. He has a majority of over 14,000. This commanding advantage makes him favourite to win.

How You Can Register To Vote In 2019 General Election

To date, most of the parties have confirmed who their candidates.

These include the Conservatives, Green Party, Brexit Party, and Liberal Democrats. Labour is set to confirm their candidate later this week.

Officially all those who are standing in Beverley and Holderness will be confirmed on 15 November.

Whoever is named it is important that people who want to take part are registered to vote. It is widely speculated that this could be one of the most unpredictable elections in modern times.

Many voters may choose to vote tactically, using the election as a mini referendum.  While the Conservatives lead the polls positioning themselves as the party of leave, the Brexit Party could take votes off them.

failure to deliver on his promise to deliver Brexit ‘do or die’ by 31 October could come back to bite. While others are calling for a change of government which some say have been ruthless with their spending cuts.

To register to vote all you need to do is visit – 

Click Here
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