Local Councillor Continues His Support For Beverley’s Street Angels

Local Councillor Continues His Support For Beverley's Street Angels
Local Councillor Continues His Support For ’s Street Angels

Councillor Denis Healy will be continuing his support for Beverley Street Angels, the volunteer group that helps keep people safe in the town centre on weekend evenings, when he joins them on patrol in Beverley this coming Saturday night.

Cllr Healy spent a January Saturday night with the Street Angels a year ago, and on Saturday he will be donning his high vis jacket again to highlight the importance of the work undertaken by the Street Angels volunteers in the town.

Cllr Healy said:

“We have a vibrant night time economy in Beverley, but that comes with its own challenges, especially where alcohol is involved, and it’s so inspiring to know that we have local volunteers who are prepared to give up their time to keep people safe. The Street Angels, with their welcoming presence can make such a difference simply by being around.

Communities are at their best when people look out for each other, and we are blessed with so many volunteers who help to make other people’s lives better in Beverley through their efforts. Organisations like Beverley Street Angels, and the Food Bank are all great examples of the community at its best.

Last January I spent a night out with the Street Angels, seeing at first hand how they help people, and by joining them on patrol occasionally I can experience the town at night, which is really important for me as a ward Councillor in the town. As it’s the first anniversary of my last visit, I wanted to give it another go. Being on the freezing Beverley streets at 3am in the depths of January doesn’t faze the volunteers, and I’m looking forward to wrapping up and joining them again on Saturday.”

Carolyn Bradbury, who runs Beverley Street Angels said:

“Street Angels continue to serve the people of Beverley to ensure everybody enjoys the nightlife of the town in safety. We’re always on the lookout for more volunteers, so if anyone fancies the idea of joining us, please get in touch. We always go out in pairs and full training is provided.”

The Street Angels have assisted hundreds of people on their Saturday night patrols in Beverley since launching in 2012, handing out bottles of water and pairs of flip-flops to people who need help.

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