Community Come Together To Address Aging Local Park in Leven

Community Come Together To Address Aging Local Park in Leven
Community Come Together To Address Aging Local Park in Leven

Residents in Leven have come together as they look to deliver a project that will see them update what an aging and outdated park.

who is helping deliver the project says support for their efforts has been fantastic and with people donating, time, money and prizes for fund raising events.

Speaking to .net Gemma said;

“Our play park is extremely old, worn, outdated and some equipment is dangerous. It is not currently disabled friendly either. The roundabout has now stopped moving altogether and the seesaw is no longer fixed down safely.”

“As it is a playing field association owned it is extremely difficult for them to update it. Therefore, late last year we created a committee of three local mums and one grandparent dedicated to raising funds to build a completely new park.”

“We have been working hard, committing our spare time to raising funds through community events and submitting lots of applications for funding and grants.”

“The whole community of Leven have really got behind us. They have been offering their assistance, donating money and prizes and attending the events that we are holding with some of them even organising their own events too!”

Later in the year their group will holding a special event where they hope to raise further funds for their project, Gemma added;

“Currently we are planning a big themed casino night in March and are very excited about this event.”

“We have various local businesses and creative individuals helping us with sponsorship and decorating the sports hall to create a special ambience.”

“In order to appeal to everyone in the community we are trying to something for all ages. One of the childminding companies, The Little House hosted a children’s disco.”

“Other things we have done include a cream tea event and a children’s winter colouring competition. One of the local young mums put on a sponsored Christmas pram push, while the pub,  The Hare and Hounds have just recently done a darts contest.”

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