Mile in Memory 2014: Meeting of the Clans

Mile in Memory 2014: Meeting of the Clans

Last Saturday saw the return of the Mile in Memory.

It has been a couple of years since the event took place over the bridge and what a welcome return it was with well over 100 taking part.

Event organiser said;

“We saw many people in their team colours crossing the bridge with us today. As part of the magic weekend, it was lovely to feel the atmosphere rub off onto our Mile in Memory walk.”

“This year, as usual, we were remembering our boy, Ellis, who died 11 years ago, and we also welcomed the family and friends of Alexander Richardson who died eight years ago.”

“Alexander’s Mum, Nicola, usually organises a Mile in Memory walk for family and friends nearby where they live, but this year asked if they could come over to ours and make it a joint event.”

“I thought this was a great idea. Over the last couple of years, Nicola and I have become great friends, brought together by the loss of our two boys.”

“This was a lovely way to remember them and celebrate our friendship. It was also lovely for our family and friends to get to meet each other in a relaxed and informal way.”

With such a big turnout, Louise admits she was somewhat taken a back, she added;

“The amount of people that showed up totally overwhelmed me. There were a wide variety of ages, babies in their buggies with the Brough Mums, the Beverley Ladies Circle gang with their kids, my cousin who I have not seen for over 20 years and of course, our family and friends that were there for us in the dark times.”

“I was stunned with how many made the journey from South and West Yorkshire with Clan Richardson. It just goes to show how much people care about supporting our families and the vital work of the Lullaby Trust.”

“At the middle of the Humber Bridge it marked the 1-mile point. Some hardy souls carried on to the other side. It was lovely to see everyone enjoy a morning walk in fabulous sunshine.”

In total the walkers raised just over £500 all of which will go towards good causes.

Louise added;

“Thanks to every one who came, I would like to also thank the for the fabulous lunch and the brilliant £75 lunch donation along with the raffle prizes.”

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