Get Stuck In On Plant-up Sunday

Beverley in Bloom

Residents young and old are being encouraged to roll-up their sleeves and join in Bloom to help brighten up the town on Sunday 26th May.

‘Plant-Up Sunday’ is a first for the voluntary group, which works hard throughout the year to provide communal floral displays, planters and baskets across Beverley. By inviting families to take part in the planting of flowers, they hope it will give people a greater sense of community pride and encourage them to take part in similar events in the future.

Jim Whitfield, Beverley in Bloom’s Chairman, explained: “We hope that residents of all ages will come to join us. We will be in Station Square planting up 90 barrier planters that will then be located throughout the town. In recognition of their work, the names of volunteers will subsequently be placed on the planters they worked on, so they can go out and see the progression of the flowers they have planted. It’s also a nice way to acknowledge their support. It’s a great chance for people of all generations to work together to help brighten up the town.”

After winning silver gilt in last year’s Yorkshire in Bloom Awards, the group is aiming to go for gold this year. To reflect this, plants have been designed to bring a rainbow of colour throughout Beverley, with hope that a pot of gold will be waiting at the end.

Christina Upton, a volunteer with Beverley in Bloom, thinks Plant-Up Sunday will be a great way to contribute to this: “As a volunteer with Bloom, I’ve not only had the chance to extend my passion for gardening, but I’ve also made friends. It’s really rewarding to know that people enjoy the displays I have helped to create. I think it’s particularly important to get children and young people involved, to help them not only gain a greater understanding of horticulture, but to also give them a sense of pride in their community.”

The group is keen to emphasise that you don’t need any previous gardening experience to take part. Members of Beverley in Bloom will be on hand to support volunteers, with specific flowers provided for each planter to help achieve the desired rainbow effect. Whether residents can come along for the whole event or for just part of it, all help is welcome.

Beverley in Bloom’s Plant-Up Sunday takes place on Sunday 26th May in Station Square between 10:30am and 1:30pm. Depending on the number of people who attend, the event might finish earlier than planned, but organisers will endeavour to pace the event in the hope as many people as possible can take part.

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