Travelling Riverside Hues @ Creation Fine Arts Beverley

The centre of Beverley has developed away from the river, once the source of much of its trade, materials and wealth.

Yet the river remains, no longer a centre of boat building and commerce but following its path at a calmer, more measured pace to suit the refurbishment of boats and barges, the fishermen who string along the banks and the buzzing wildlife that occupies it.

Nick Matson has constructed this quiet and patient exhibition to remind us what lies, almost forgotten, on our doorsteps. With paintings and drawings he reveals the secrets of the river life as it is now. A special exhibition created for Creation Fine Arts.

Nick Matson says “I’ve been able to paint and draw since I was knee high. As long as I can remember since the early seventies I’ve almost taken for granted the fact that making marks with paint or pencil came easily and always resembled whatever it was I was observing.

Being able to convert what I’ve enjoyed looking at or something I’ve even imagined into something visual has always been part of my life and it has taken me on many creative adventures.

Having enjoyed a creative career sampling many styles and techniques has led to what I enjoy from creating images today. From abstract to impressionism, from photorealistic to the surreal, these elements of influence have all shaped what I do”.

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East Yorkshire Manufacturer Based In Beverley Makes Generous Donation To Charities

This exhibition also seeks to celebrate the work of Dove House Hospice and a raffle will run concurrently with the exhibition, supported by Dove House, to win an original line drawing from the exhibition and a limited edition copy of the picture “Love Boat”.

Travelling riverside hues @ Creation Fine Arts Beverley – an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Nick Matson
28th November – 30th December 2012

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