Beverley Town Council: In and For The Community

August 5, 2011

For many, the Local Government Elections may seem sometime ago now, a lot has happened since.  For me however (Stuart Pearce), the time has flown by.  Since I heard the results on May 6th I’ve been on a steep learning curve. I am very thankful to for always offering the chance for myself and other councillors to reach out to the Beverley community. The Town Council meets on the…


Local Elections:Irene Charis, St. Marys Ward

April 29, 2011

I would like you to vote for me as your councillor because I am passionate about fulfilling and meeting your needs.   Whilst speaking to you on the phone and face to face, I realise that many of you have become disillusioned with the political process and with the politicians who do not understand the concerns that affect the lives of real people every day; often feeling that your views are…


Next Stage of Beverley Town Plan Consultation

February 4, 2011

Further public consultation on the Beverley Town Plan is scheduled to take place over the next six weeks. This consultation focuses on the plan’s design guidance, which is the final part to go out to consultation before the Beverley Town Plan is completed.  The document considers how development can be carried out, highlighting the issues that should be taken into account by developers to promote high quality design. The aim…


FEEDBACK: Really Good

August 7, 2010

Hello Paul Smith I wanted to give you some feedback for your website. I’ve been trying to ‘post a comment’ but as you are probably aware, the link in the site isn’t working? Not to worry. When the young man handed us the leaflet very early the other morning as I was leaving for work (7.15 am) I thought that was a good idea. I took notice of it and…