Steve Rial’s 1969 BSA Starfire @ Beverley Classic Car Rally

June 25, 2011

“It’s not alive if it’s not dripping.” That’s how Steve Rial, the head maintenance man at Beverley Minster, described his British classic 1969 BSA Starfire at Wednesday’s Beverley Classic Car Rally. Steve has owned his BSA since 1984, riding it all over the place and keeping it in pristine condition thanks to the efforts of the men at RM Motorcycles on Flemingate. He told “In its day this was…


Spring Busy Time for Minster Maintenance Men

April 27, 2011

As spring inspires new optimism and re-discovered vigour in the people of England, so it energises the men who keep Beverley Minster in shipshape condition. Steve Rial is the ecclesiastical plumber/ glazer at the Minster. Or, rather more prosaically, he’s the man who, along with his mate Paul Hawkins, keeps the water out, the heat in and the Minster safe. For 21 years Steve, 54 and employed by the Minster…

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April 26, 2011 Magazine issue 40, featuring pictures from the following events and sports fixtures: * Steve Rial * The Way of the Cross: Churches Together * Curry Night @ Queens Head * ERYC Local Elections: Labour Party & Conservative’s * Urchin: A Great Shoe Shopping Experience * ALison Booth: Training Guide Dogs * Laura Reed’s 21st @ Hodgsons * Hodgsons FC & Beverley ARLC Group Poster * Beverley ARLC Vs Hodgsons…


Lara Croft Comes to Beverley

March 29, 2011 enjoyed a morning’s shooting at Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Graveyard with computer-game and movie icon Lara Croft. Lara, the star of EIDOS’ classis Tomb Raider series of console games and made famous to non-gamers through Angelina Jolie in the film series, is the alter-ego of Beverley model Heidi Taylor. Heidi is on the books at new Beverley model agency Beautiful Freaks, run by Kirsty Mills, and it was…


Replacing Down-Pipes With Steve Rial

September 3, 2010

As beautiful as historic buildings are, they take some looking after, as Steve Rial is only too well aware. Having worked at Beverley Minster for almost 21 years, Steve has been instrumental in the preservation and repair of this stunning piece of history that took 200 years to build, and is therefore between 800 and 600 years old depending on which part you are looking at. One of Steve’s current…