Magazine Issue 114

October 1, 2012 Magazine Issue 114 is available from Molescroft News on Woodhall Way. Inside this week’s edition, you will find pictures and articles that include; Are You Entitled To Anything From The Property In Which You Live?



May 16, 2012

Richard and Alison Lenton invited me (Lee Kirkby) to go and visit Alex in hospital today. They are very grateful to everyone who is praying for him, and really feel surrounded in love and support.


Minster Youth Cafe:UV Light Party

November 9, 2011

Beverley Minster will host another popular Youth Cafe event on Friday 11th November between 7.00pm-9.30pm. The event is a UV Light Party theme and young people are invited to come dressed in white and neon coloured clothing so that they glow in the dark. The event will also have local youngster Alex Bampton DJ’ing and there will be gladiator jousting and a giant bouncy castle. Also, new to the event…


East Riding Youth Summit To Be Held @ Beverley Minster

October 14, 2011

An East Riding Youth Summit will be held on Saturday 29th October at Beverley Minster between 10.00am-1.00pm. This Free event is for young people aged 15-25 and their church leaders, who are passionate about changing the face of the church. Mark Russell CEO of Church Army says: “The church is wrinkling and shrinking; we are neither reaching nor discipling young people in significant numbers. The Church of England in many…