Youth Cafe @ Beverley Minster

April 24, 2010

Pictures from Minster Youth Café; Live music and entertainment were provided in an Anti Racism themed evening. Gemma Lucas, who has written for was at Beverley Minster supporting her sister who singing. Picture Gallery: Click on the thumbnail picture below to enlarge the image to full size Picture Gallery: Click on the thumbnail picture below to enlarge the image to full size


Acoustic Guitarist John Copley at Panizzi

The Panizzi Thursday evening Playlist night this week saw a dazzling performance by Acoustic Guitarist John Copley. John’s powerful, heart rendering voice, combined with his beautiful guitar accompaniment, presented the audience with a number of his own compositions, comprising mainly of emotive love-songs, with thought provoking lyrics that I’m sure everybody in the room could relate to.  John also refreshingly reinvented an eclectic mix of cover songs including “Creep” by…

February 15, 2010

Panizzi Deli and Wine Bar Presents ‘Panizzi Playlist’

February 9, 2010

Panizzi Deli and Wine Bar, located just within the North Bar of Beverley offers a unique and atmospheric experience for all to enjoy. Indulge your’ senses in a sip of fine wine, savour the taste and allow yourself the belief for just a moment, that you have been whisked away to an intimate winery in the foothills of Tuscany, the rustic surroundings and authentic Italian food will not falter this…


Who is Responsbile for Gritting Beverley

December 30, 2009

As Beverley begins to thaw out it has become clear many residents of the town are unhappy with how the recent cold weather has made venturing outside their homes a difficult with the risk of slipping over on the ice cover paths and roads. In a recent article from Beverley resident Gemma Lucas ‘Let it Snow‘ she highlighted the problems she faced as a young person going about her daily…


Let it Snow by Gemmas Lucas

December 29, 2009

I am a young, fit and healthy person. When the snow-fall almost 2 weeks ago occurred I invested in a pair of heavy duty snow-boots to ensure I could wade my way through the snow and ice on Beverley Westwood every day and walk my dogs. I have no problems with balance and posture yet this week i have fallen over 3 times. Why? Because no amount of snow-gear and…


Beverley, a Town Once Experienced & Never Forgotten

December 10, 2009

The changing vision of a young Beverlonian Born and bred in Beverley, I’m what is known as a Beverlonian.  As a bored, disillusioned & angst ridden teenager, I frequently found myself thinking ’there must be more to life than just existing in a small town in East Yorkshire‘…a somewhat dreary place I felt, that seemed to suffer with a habitual case of nothingness and a constant attack of bad weather….