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  1. Hi

    When will your next edition of magazine be available (the one with the New year photographs in) – went to Molescroft Newsagents yesterday (5th January) and they had no idea but said you might be switching to a monthly edition.



  2. Hi Alan

    We are currently looking into two options for the coming year that will help increase the number of copies. Magazine with the pictures from new year and will be out on Monday night / Tuesday Morning.

    There was not one this week due to the bank holidays which caused us production issues.

    I hope this helps – Best Wishes

  3. Hey was just wondering where you could buy the magazine in bev and how much it is?


  4. Were are the pictures of the street beatz summer show 2012 and the keldmarsh primray school street party photos?

  5. Hi
    I love this mag. Our daughter and son had their prom on Tuesday the pictures you took were amazing can we purchase these from any where also can the mag be delivered to addresses and pay a fee for doing this. I personally think it is a better mag then the journal as the journal has a lot of advertisments.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Paul, you need to do a feature on The Beverley & East Riding golf club as its it’s 125 year anniversary this year

  7. Are there any Beverley based business networks?

    I have just moved to Beverley and looking to build a network of contacts – can’t seem to find any listings of network opportunities in Beverley. Maybe I need to set one up?


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