Mandy Brignall: Under the Skin

December 8, 2010

Once seen, never forgotten. Mandy Brignall is the lady with the jet black 50’s bouffant and an obvious passion for tattoos. Originally from Cottingham, Mandy has lived in Beverley for seven years and moved here because she absolutely loves everything about the town – including her close circle of friends and the community of accepting people that she surrounds herself with. On average she spends half an hour perfecting her…


Valerie Prentice – Two Hands, One Body, Ten Fingers

December 8, 2010

Valerie Prentice had told me that the issues faced by a masseuse were women being afraid of getting semi-naked in front of her and men are afraid of becoming aroused.  Whilst this comment brought on loud guffaws from everyone in the room at the time, Valerie, who never minces her words, was keen to point out that the only part of the body exposed during the massage is the part…


Radley Selected for BARLA Great Britain Lions

November 30, 2010

Tom Radley expects his Great Britain team to teach opponents from the “girls’ game” a  proper lesson in rugby. Tom, 26, from Sigston Road, Beverley, has been selected to play for the BARLA Great Britain Lions in the prestigious IRB Dubai 7s rugby union tournament this week. The West Hull second-rower earned a late call-up to the 12-man squad of amateur rugby league players who will take on union teams…


The Blooming Success Story of Fleurs de Lisa

November 26, 2010

Award winning florist, Fleurs de Lisa first hit the town five years ago and has been a blooming success since the day the doors opened.  Owner, Lisa Barrow studied floristry at Bishop Burton College and after working at a local florist for a few years decided to open her own shop.  “I won several awards over the years and starting my own business seemed like the natural way to progress….


Laura Douse “Just me and my guitar”

November 23, 2010

Laura Douse, 26 makes it look so easy singing with her guitar across her lap and there seem to be no nerves or over excitement, she just genuinely wants people to enjoy her music. Laura says that she has always loved music and at 16 years of age, taught herself to play the guitar and started writing her own songs but didn’t have the confidence to perform in public until…


Discreet Diner has a Tipple

October 22, 2010

It’s a tough job, but let’s face it, somebody’s got to do it. Raisthorpe Manor, based near Malton pride themselves on using only the best ingredients combined with traditional methods to ensure their products


De Lacy Move to Stunning New Salon

October 21, 2010

At a time when the country is focused on cut backs, a local businesswoman Kerris Lacy is expanding. Kerris, who runs the successful De Lacy Beauty Salon in Beverley, has moved to her dream premises. Kerris has over 12 years’ experience. She started out with a rented room before moving into her own salon. It was not long before she outgrew her first premises and she has now made the…


Body Art With Pete McNally

October 20, 2010

Local Artist Pete Mac held an open day where he demonstrated how spray paint can be used to create painless works of art on people’s bodies. The event held was held at Just Gentleman Barbers in Beverley where he has a studio. On the day he painted a number of bodies including Charlie Hudson who had a set of abdominals painted to his chest. Pete said; “The paints we use…


Discreet Diner Descends on Bar Fusion

September 10, 2010

It was a lovely evening and Wednesday Market was gently humming with the sound of happy diners enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine.  Bar Fusion’s outside area was full so we went inside. This place oozes style and sophistication, the decor is modern and funky, large chandeliers twinkle over stylish seating and chunky furniture. We were greeted by a very friendly and helpful barman and after choosing from an…


Sweeping Back Time With Local Chimney Sweep Jethro

September 7, 2010

Having been a professional chimney sweep for over 30 years, there’s not much that Jethro Vivian doesn’t know about modern chimneys and their problems. But it’s not chimney-sweeping in today’s world that really interests Jethro.  He has spent many years researching the chimney-sweeping trade as it was during the reign of Queen Victoria, and now, dressed as a 19th century Master Sweep, Jethro is sharing this knowledge with schoolchildren throughout…


Replacing Down-Pipes With Steve Rial

September 3, 2010

As beautiful as historic buildings are, they take some looking after, as Steve Rial is only too well aware. Having worked at Beverley Minster for almost 21 years, Steve has been instrumental in the preservation and repair of this stunning piece of history that took 200 years to build, and is therefore between 800 and 600 years old depending on which part you are looking at. One of Steve’s current…


HU17’s Discreet Diner Gives The Molescroft Inn the THUMBS UP!

August 14, 2010

Hearing that there is a new Kitchen Team at The Molescroft Inn, The Discreet Diner decided to pay a visit. We hadn’t booked a table but as we were relatively early (accidentally in time to take advantage of the great Early Bird Menu – 2 meals for a Tenner!) there were tables free. This a family pub – catering for children (a baby’s bottle was warmed up by the bar…


Q & A With Musicians Fern and Harry

July 27, 2010

First show? I’ve been performing as a solo artist for over two years now, in various different venues all over the country including Beverley, Lincoln, Hull, Newcastle and many more. Since starting university studying creative music technology I have formed my own band where we play both my original material and unique takes on popular songs. The band consists of a drummer, bassist and myself on guitar and vocals. These…


Continental-Style Cafe Culture @ Wednesday Market

June 11, 2010

Wednesday Market may be Beverley’s very own ‘Latin Quarter’ – but still not enough is being done to promote this increasingly attractive area of town according to two local business people. Les and Chris Willicombe have run the Queen’s Head, Wednesday Market, for the past five and a half years and are passionate about the alternative atmosphere the area provides. Over the past few years, a huge amount of work…


G Jack & Son Celebrate their 50th Anniversary in Beverley

May 25, 2010

Home delivery may no longer be the name of the game, but a real interest in customers’ lives is still at the core of Beverley delicatessen G and A Jack. The popular Wednesday Market shop, run by Duncan Jack and his wife Joy, is this month celebrating its 50th anniversary as one of the town’s most popular and best loved businesses. Like most aspects of Beverley life, G and A…