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Default RANT: Parking Wardens in Beverley

I feel I need to have this rant and get this off my chest.

Today in the tipping down rain I watched as man who was delivering or collecting from the British Heart Foundation was smacked with a parking ticket for 70.

The van, a white one, parked in a Loading Bay oppisite Wilkinsons was approached by an ERYC parking officier who started to take photos before slapping a ticket on the wind screen.

Ok, what really annoyed me was I aksed the lady why she was putting a the ticket on the van she blanked me like I was not there. No offence like but if you work with members of the public then you should at the very least be able to talk to them.

Also, she put the ticket on the van at about 12.13 the guy was back by around 12.15 with massive box to put in his van. When he got to his van I asked if I could see what it said on the ticket, he asked, what ticket. When he saw the ticket he proceeded to County Hall where I guess they sent him over the road to the customer service centre.

While all this was happening a ruddy great lorry or van came down Toll Gavel on the predestrian area, you know the bit where old people and children walk and shop without a care in the world, nothing was done about that, it seems that is aceptable in Bevelrey now.

I have contacted the council and told them what I saw and given the guy my number as I hope he appeals, I so wish I had my camera on me as I would have photographed everything and published it for all and sundry to see.

I understand people get tickets for parking, I understand the wardens have a job to do BUT they also have a duty to engage with the public, if they can not do that then there is no way they should be on our streets.

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Angry My 83 year old Mum gets slapped with Parking Ticket on Easter Sunday

My Mother is 83 and lives in Sheltered Accommodation near to town she is disabled walks with 2 sticks and has a blue badge which is on display all the time. On Easter Sunday she brought her Car round from where it is Parked and left it for 10mins outside the gate opposite the flats on Wilbert lane while she went to get her handbag and shopping bag when she returned a Parking Enforcer had slapped a ticket on her windscreen she stood there in dismay and tears. A resident from the flats came too to say he had watched the Parking Enforcer put the Ticket on the Window Screen and that she wouldn't have been gone more than 5 mins before he came round the corner, he said he had often seen my mother do the self-same thing on numarous occasions. Have the Council not get better things to do with our MONEY than Pay Parking Enforcers either double or treble time for working EASTER SUNDAY! There was very few or no shops OPEN. You have been Warned whether you disabled or not, do Park an Inch of your life make sure you don't over ride the white parking lines or forget to put you Time Card on, even if your only going to be minutes because these Parking Enforcers are over Zealous Jumped up little Twerps who must be on a cracking Bonus !Now My 83 year old Mother has decided to give up her Independence and her Car after 50 + years of driving with a clean licence. We Did appeal but it was turned down all because she didn't display her disabled clock for the durance of up to 10 minutes. My brother paid the 35 for her
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