The Best Way To Decorate Your Living Room

The Best Way To Decorate Your Living Room
The Best Way To Decorate Your Living Room

Decorating can come with some difficult choices. If you’re in the process of decorating your house, you might be overwhelmed with putting together a harmonious and whole living room.

This is the place where everyone gathers, family and guests – it should be a place that feels truly comfortable to be in.

From the furniture to the aesthetics, you want your living room to look perfect. Below we look at the best ways to decorate your living room.


A common problem is not knowing how to arrange the living room furniture. You can go beyond simply pushing a sofa up against a wall. It’s important to create a focal point and a conversation area. It’s also good to remember not to cover the radiator with a sofa as this stops the heat from spreading throughout during colder months.

A couple of well-placed rugs could also work neatly during winter – just ensure that the rug isn’t too big (or too small!) for the space.


Mix light and dark colours, as an all-white living space, can feel too clean, and an all-dark space can feel like a cave. Using both light and dark colours can make a room pop – the two contrasts play off each other dynamically. Balance the two thoughtfully to create depth and balance.


Textures can often be overlooked in the living room. After all, most of the time you’re seeing these items rather than touching them. But making the room feel cosy can really add something during those winter months. Play with textures from leather, cotton, wool, stone, glass, plants, etc. Pillows and throws are a great place to start if you’re looking to decorate on a budget. Fake and real plants, side tables, prints can also help.


Lighting is another area that you might overlook initially. But getting a variety of different, complementary lights in the room can really elevate the space. Get the right lighting, use lamps and perhaps an overhead chandelier to create a clear and open space. You can achieve variety with different lights at different heights.

Perhaps you could invest in a striking lamp on one side of the room while placing a floor lamp on the other side as a neat contrast. Not only will this light up different areas of the space, but the variety of lights will add a layer of intrigue too.

Decorating can sometimes feel overwhelming – there are plenty of different components to think about. But by following the advice above you can begin to design and put together a stylish, relaxing living room for friends and relatives to gather and enjoy.

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