Reminder To Book In Advance For Brick Wonders At Beverley Art Gallery

Reminder To Book In Advance For Brick Wonders At Beverley Art Gallery
Brick Wonders Coming To Art Gallery This Summer

Now that the summer holidays are underway, the team at Beverley Art Gallery are reminding visitors of the need to book in advance to visit the popular ‘Brick Wonders’ exhibition – and is urging people to honour their booking once it has been made.

‘Brick Wonders’ features recreations in LEGO® bricks of amazing sights from around the world, curated by artist Warren Elsmore.

In order to keep customers and the Art Gallery team as safe as possible, entry to the exhibition is by ticket only, to manage the flow of customers and ensure visitors have the time and space to enjoy viewing.

Beverley Art Gallery curator said : “We entirely understand that, in a perfect world, we would not be asking people to book in advance for this free exhibition, but quite simply, at the moment, we have no choice, as we have to control the numbers visiting at any given time.

“I would urge all our Brick Wonders visitors to go online and book in advance – remember that the exhibition runs until 2 October – as there is a good chance that we won’t be able to let you in if you arrive without an advance booking. Above all, I would implore visitors to honour their bookings once they have been made. If you make a booking and then don’t turn up, you are depriving other people of the opportunity to visit.”

‘Brick Wonders’ takes visitors from an Egyptian pyramid to the natural pyramid of the Matterhorn, the bustle of Old London Bridge to the awesome night skies of the Aurora Australis, and those everyday marvels we forget to wonder at, such as electricity and the Internet.

The centrepiece is a 2×3 metre installation of the Great Barrier Reef, complete with underwater lighting and sound effects, and LEGO recreations of everything from corals and sponges to turtles and reef-dwelling fish such as blue tangs, angel fish and a ray.

Over 40 other LEGO models are included, from tiny models to inspire building at home, to large mosaics and dioramas, and the exhibition is built from over 500,000 LEGO bricks.

Each booking can be made for one to six people – please book for all members in the party including babies. If the family group is more than six people, please make an additional booking for the next time slot

Tickets are free and should be booked in advance via Brid Spa.

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