Beverley: The Bullseye of the North

Beverley: The Bullseye of the North
Beverley: The Bullseye of the North

When it comes to the sport of darts, we British are an obsessed bunch. There are approximately 70,000 registered players that participate in the sport all across England.

For those with an interest in the game and looking to invest their time in participating or supporting the sport, then Beverley is home to a major dart league and hosts many events and competitions.

Treble Reasons to Get Involved

The Beverley Men’s Darts League, run by Phil Stebbens, hosts a trebles A and B league, with the inclusion of a Doubles and Domino League.

Often events and competitions are held in conjunction with the fantastic Bridlington darts tournament, which is the town up from Beverley.

The Beverley Men’s Darts League plays their Treble League Monday nights. The playing format is simple, two games of threes and six games of singles, followed by three games of pairs.

Double is played on a Tuesday night. The format of this is two games of three. Followed by six games of singles, then three games of pairs.

Participants are often formed by local pubs, friends, and family. If you love darts and want to get involved then form your team, get registered and see how far you can go in the Beverley Men’s Darts League competitions.

To sign up you can head to their site and enter your details on their online form. Enter your name, if associated with a pub or darts club, select the league you wish to join and provide an email address.

The World of Darts in the UK

The passion and interest in darts can be summed up by the fact that there are two major World Darts Championships. This is because of there being two different organisations involved. The split happened in 1993, when the sport’s leading players went on to revolt against the rules at the time, put in place by Olly Croft OBE (darts administrator).

Croft formed the British Darts Organisation and with it produced the first ever World Darts Championship in 1978.

The sport when big in the 80s, with TV scheduling and gameshows like Bullseye based on the sport.

Come 1989, there was only the Embassy World Championship that was being televised which didn’t sit well with the professional players as this was their only source of income. In 1992 16 of the top professional darts players formed the World Darts Council and formed its own televised tournament that aired in Norwich in October of ’92. This Council soon after became the Professional Darts Corporation to avoid any confusion over the abbreviations of WDC.

The formation of the PDC was the catalyst of the split and war that went on between two bodies seemingly controlling their own segment of the sporting industry of darts.

So, when are the next big events taking place in 2021 and can you join any darts betting websites to profit from the entertainment?

Up and Coming Major Darts Events

With the World Darts Championship already played and finished this year, what other events are taking place that will provide this year’s entertainment?

January: The Masters 2021

February: European Qualifying School and UK Qualifying School

March: Ladbrokes UK Open

June: US Darts Masters and Nordic Darts Masters

July: Betfred World Matchplay

August: New South Wales Darts Masters, Queensland Dart Masters, and NZ Darts Masters

Current markets open are the PDC World Championship, Premier League Darts, the Masters 2021, a several Dart Special available throughout the year.

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