Three Community Projects Awarded Cash By Tesco

Three Community Projects Awarded Cash By Tesco
Three Community Projects Awarded Cash By

Bags of Help is Tesco’s local community grant scheme, which funds thousands of community projects every year. 

The projects must meet the criteria of bringing benefits to the community. Throughout October – December 2020 the grant scheme made £2m of support available to local projects focused on children and young people.

In the area, the following charities and community groups will each benefit from the grants. Bundles of Joy received £999 for their Sleep Safe project,   received £1000 for their Keep the Ball Moving project while Beverley FM received £1000 for their Voices of Beverley project

Bundles of Jo founder said:

‘Huge thanks to Tesco for the grant of £999 which has allowed us to buy some single beds and mattresses and Moses basket mattresses to create safe sleeping environments for babies and children. A bed is something we take for granted but to some, it’s a pure luxury.”

“We have been able to provide a basic single bed and mattress and bedding to such vulnerable children in our community providing better sleep, better mental health and a warm safe place to hopefully feel secure.”

“Thank you Tesco for helping with our safe sleep campaign!!. The photo shows a cot and mattress funded by Tesco bundled up ready for making a difference. Our safe sleep campaign is very important to the work we do.”

AFC Tickton Assistant Secretary Kirsty Brumpton said;

“AFC Tickton has always had the support from Tesco Beverley; from Bag packing for individual team needs to winning the monthly “Bags of Help” a few years ago.”

AFC Tickton is extremely grateful to have been awarded this grant from Tesco. We have and are still finding it difficult to gain funding in comparison to previous years due to the pandemic, but the costs are ever-increasing due to the extra cleaning process each team has to carry out with the equipment and sanitization. Our volunteers are ever so grateful to be able to purchase more supplies to “keep the ball moving” and (when permitted) return to the field with all the cleaning products we need to keep our members safe.’”

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