Lib Dems Pushing Litter Higher Up East Riding Councils Priority List

Lib Dems Pushing Litter Higher Up East Riding Councils Priority List
Lib Dems Pushing Litter Higher Up East Riding Councils Priority List

East Riding Lib Dem Councillors are pushing litter higher up on the Council’s priority list at this Wednesdays Full Council ERYC Meeting.

Hessle Lib Dem Cllr David Nolan is proposing a motion that if adopted would give a greater focus on litter. He said;

“Our surveys show that residents want to see more Council action on tackling litter.”

“Council staff work hard within the limits of the resources available, but we need to find innovative ways to reduce litter.”

“It will need more partnership working with members of the public and voluntary litter-pickers. In some areas, we have voluntary litter-picking groups such as Hessles Litterati and Beverleys Wombles.”

“We need to encourage and support that work in other areas across the East Riding. The Council should also join “Keep Britain Tidy” as a Local Authority Member and benefit from sharing advice and learning with other Councils.”

Lib Dem Beverley and Environment Spokesperson Linda Johnson is backing the Motion and said;

“Beverley missed out on a Gold Award last year from because of the amount of litter around the town, even though our street cleaning teams go out every day, clearing up behind who not bothered to put their litter in a bin or taken it home to dispose of it.”

“We are asking council officers to consider looking at reverse vending schemes which are popular in countries such as Germany and Australia; to work with supermarkets and takeaways to provide more bins for excess packaging which might get dropped outside their door and to encourage creative social media campaigns to highlight the dangers of dropping litter to the environment and wildlife.”

Hessle Town Council has produced “Don’t be a tosser” Town Clerk Kim Cooper said;

“They definitely work in areas such as around the Skate Park on Livingston Rd Hessle.”

“Our Caretaker Pete reports the level of litter has dropped significantly since we put the signs up. Young people do notice the signs.”

“We have also doubled the number of litter bins across Hessle in the last 5 years and that has helped.”

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