DST’s Longest Serving Civil Servant Retires

DST's Longest Serving Civil Servant Retires
DST’s Longest Serving Civil Servant Retires

Colonel Chris Henson, Commandant at the , bids farewell to Mr Ahern, thanking him for 43 years of outstanding service to the civil service.

Starting on 21 November 1977 at the Army School of Mechanical Transport, Mr Ahern worked as Assistant Storekeeper within the Quartermasters Department, before advancement to Senior Storekeeper and then onto a Progress and General Supervisor position before moving to Combat Service Support Signals Division, as Equipment Manager in 1997, now known as CIS Squadron.

Mr Ahern has made an invaluable contribution to DST, delivering support to servicemen and women for their operational roles. Always a dedicated and enthusiastic individual,

he has played a key part in ensuring availability and serviceability of equipment which has enabled Combat Service Support personnel to train appropriately and assimilate the necessary skills and capability to operate and communicate in any environment.

Upon his retirement on 4 December 2020, Mr Ahern is officially the longest-serving member of staff at DST, an impressive accolade.

The Defence School of Transport wishes Mr Ahern the very best in his retirement.

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