Beverley Art Gallery Release Another Mindful Art Recording

Beverley Art Gallery Release Another Mindful Art Recording
Release Another Mindful Art Recording

Beverley Art Gallery has released another mindful art recording. The video is part of the gallery’s Mindful Engagement with Art Project.

Originally meant to be used in the gallery’s display, the project has been adapted to a digital format to be available on YouTube.

Mindfulness is a meditation technique that requires nothing but a few minutes of a person’s time to be spent focused.

In the case of Beverley Art Gallery, this focus is aimed at a painting from their collection. The latest painting to be featured is ‘A Panic’ from 1872 by Henry William Banks Davis.

With dimensions of 236cm x 480 cm, ‘A Panic’ is one of the largest cattle paintings in Europe. The painting is permanently displayed in the gallery’s recently restored Edwardian ‘red’ gallery’.

By using the recorded guide, virtual visitors can immerse themselves in the painting. While they can find a new fresh and indulgent way of exploring a work of art. As a result, they will feel refreshed and uplifted by the experience.

The team at Beverley Art Gallery are working on three more recordings. These will be released online so that visitors can access them from their homes. Also when COVID restrictions pass visitors will be able to use the recordings in the gallery when looking at the real artwork.

This latest recording will soon be followed by others. These are being developed together with Mindfulness expert Sally Edward from

Gallery curator,

Mindful Art Recording Can Help With Your General Wellbeing

The Gallery ran a mindfulness pilot with her last year, and have now developed a new format for the recorded meditations. Each session consists of the meditation, led by Sally, followed by a short art historical insight into the painting by the Gallery curator, Helena Cox.

Helena Cox said;

“I believe we are the first museum to actually unite both the meditation itself with some exciting facts about the artwork.”

“Here at the gallery, we are dedicated to promoting wellbeing and as an institution. We want to play a major role in sustaining the good mental health of our visitors.”

“Art has an amazing power to uplift us above the mundane, and take our attention off the difficult times we live in.”

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