Cask Conditioned Beers Range Launched By Local Brewery

Cask Conditioned Beers Range Launched By Local Brewery
Cask Conditioned Beers Range Launched By Local Brewery (Brewery Director, )

The team at a Yorkshire Wolds brewery has launched a range of cask conditioned beers for to enjoy at home during the lockdown.

A range of Wold Top Brewery beers, including gluten-free options and a monthly seasonal special beer that is normally reserved for pubs, are now available. They can be purchased in 5 litre/8.7 pint mini casks.

Brewery Director, Kate Balchin explains the rationale for the launch of the casks;

“Lockdown changed things for us a lot as a brewery. In March we saw a decline of around 40% in sales to pubs. However, the upside was we saw a big increase in online orders. As a result, we found ourselves filling lots of boxes to send out.”

“We started shipping beer in ‘Polypin’ containers. This is basically a bag in a box filled with beer. It meant drinkers could enjoy a pint like they would if it was hand-pulled in their local pub.”

“Another way we sold our beers was in a mini keg, which is essentially an oversized can. Cask conditioned beer came about as a result of feedback from customers and what others in our industry were doing.”

“We have developed a number of subscription models covering a range of products and sizes. All of these can be purchased online using a credit or debit card and also through Pay Pal.”

“Buying our beer like this works out at just over £2 per pint, so it offers good value.”  

Cask Conditioned Beers Sold Online Via Subscription

The recyclable metal casks keep the beer in good condition for three to five days provided it’s kept cool and the top vent is closed after use. Once empty it can be placed in your recycling bin.

Monthly cask subscriptions cost £40 for two mini casks. Or for £35 you get one mini cask and also a choice of six bottled beers from Wold Top’s core range.

While prepaid cask subscriptions start at £120 for three months and also include a free gift.

All options can be ordered online at and include delivery.

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