East Riding Theatre Links Up With Two Awarded Winners This November

East Riding Theatre Links Up With Two Awarded Winners This November
Links Up With Two Awarded Winners This November

will be hosting to critically acclaimed shows live online in November.

Richard Stott who is from and also Juliette Burton will both be performing that promise to be full of laughter.

Richard was born with Poland Syndrome making him lopsided with a misshapen hand and missing pectoral muscle.

Following life-changing surgery, he now has toes for fingers on his left hand. In this unflinchingly honest show, he examines body image and mental health. While he also tackles being disabled in an image-obsessed world.

His show, which takes place on the 6 November is a fast-paced romp through the taboos of being different. Combining anarchic storytelling and acidic punchlines learning how to roll with the hand life dealt him. He also draws on humour that we are told is humourless.

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, his Autumn tour was postponed.  This online version will be a re-imagining of the live version. It has been adapted specially for the format by award-winning production company Berk’s Nest.

It will be streamed to charities and groups around the country, and for a public performance hosted by

East Riding Theatre Links Up With Two Awarded Winners This November

Will Also Welcome Award-Winning Comedian Juliette Burton

Award-winning Comedian Juliette Burton will be setting out again this Autumn. She will hook up with on the 20 November.  Her offering will be the lockdown-revised ground-breaking show.

Redefined explores how 2020 has forced us to certainly redefine everything in our lives.

To make the show lockdown-proof, ready for both live stage performances and virtual performances online, Juliette is creating six original films.

These comedic, often silly, always heart-warming videos will each take a distinct tone. They explore a different aspect of identity in 2020.

They’ll be incorporated into live stage shows and peppered throughout virtual performances. This will ensure a lively, engaging update of an already vibrant show.

Both shows can be viewed online by logging onto the ERT web site.

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