The Best Football Commentators Of All Time

The Best Football Commentators Of All Time
The Best Football Commentators Of All Time

A lot of articles have been written about the best foot players, football teams and even football coaches.

Sadly nothing has been said about the best football commentators of all time. It is as if they are often forgotten whenever the history of football is being talked about.

Yet these men are the reason why watching as well as listening to football games has become a pleasure among many.

They add magic to the game with their unique talents and great sportsmanship. It is without a doubt that football has over the years benefited from the contributions of sports commentators. Did you know that you can bet at french online casinos for your favourite football

In no particular order, the following are among the best football commentators of all time.

Jim Beglin

He is one of the very few football commentators in the premier league who have played football at some point. Jim Beglin who is Irish was a left-back during his football playing career. He was involved with Liverpool, Leeds United and other football clubs.

It is without that one will notice his great ability to read the game with great accuracy. Regardless of being a former Liverpool player he is professional and unbiased whenever commentating on the Reds game.

He has since worked for BT Sport and NBCSN and covered the popular Premier League, UEFA Champions League and two editions of the FIFA World Cup.

Alan Smith

This great commentator is a former Arsenal and Leicester City player. During his football career, he was a striker and was capped by the England national team several times.

He is, however, most known for taking the place of fellow commentator Andy Gray in EA Sports FIFA videogame series. Did you know that you can please your bets on your favourite team and stand a chance to win real money casino and other prizes.

His style of commenting is loved by many as he narrates things as they happen, without adding anything or trying to be theatric about the game. 

Moreover, being a player himself he has a deep understanding of the game and is considerably bars higher compared to his fellowmen.

The above are just but a few of the many commentators of all time consider the best.

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  1. Neither of the individuals are commentators,they are pundits.The writer needs to go and watch a bit more tele before writing an article that is wrong in every way.

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