Parkway Cinema Back Open With Summer Offers And New Website

Parkway Cinema Back Open With Summer Offers And New Website
Parkway Cinema Back Open With Summer Offers And New Website

Parkway Cinema is back open complete with a ‘Summer of Cinema offer and new website.

The independent cinema which opened four years ago in Beverley says they are looking forward to welcoming back.

, General Manager of Parkway Beverley said;

“It’s been almost 4 months since we closed on 17 March. Since then, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we’re ready to deliver the safest and best experience possible. We’ve missed welcoming all of our loyal customers.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time and effort making sure we’re ready to give everybody a warm welcome in the safest possible way. Some parts of a cinema visit might be a little different, but our brilliant team will make sure that cinema is still magic.” 

“We’ have some amazing films and classics back on the big screen where they belong, and we’ve got some surprises on the way too. As when new films became available. Don’t worry we plan to show them starting with Blackwater Abyss.”

Richard Parkes, co-director of Parkway said;

“This has been an extraordinary year. It’s the first time we’ve closed our family business other than Christmas Day for 15 years.”

“It has been a really, really difficult time. The whole team has been incredibly supportive and brilliant, and we’re really proud of how we’ve pulled together and looked after each other.”

“We’ve been in Beverley for over 4 years now, and the support we’ve had from our regulars has been a real lift to us all.”

Parkway Cinema Say Government Have Been A Big Help During Pandemic

“The government help, specifically the ability to furlough all of our team has been essential. I’m delighted we’ve managed to keep the whole team together.”

“But the brutal reality is we’ve still had very significant costs and bills to pay and no money coming in for 16 weeks. This has been the biggest challenge our business has had to face since dad passed away.”

“We’ve all been watching a lot of Netflix and so on, and that’s been brilliant. But there just isn’t anything like the real cinema experience.”

“There’s no better way to watch a film than on a massive screen, with the best possible sound and a perfect view from a really comfortable seat. It’s a real experience that cinema offers, and that’ll never change.”

“This Summer is a rare opportunity to give people the chance to see some absolutely brilliant films, back on the big screen again.”

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