Local Bus Services Return To Normal Timetables In East Yorkshire

Local Bus Services Return To Normal Timetables In East Yorkshire
Local Bus Services Return To Normal Timetables In East Yorkshire

For the first time since the start of lockdown, buses are able to return to their normal timetables in East Yorkshire and .

Hull-based bus company East Yorkshire has announced that from Sunday 5 July nearly all bus services will return to their pre-lockdown timetables.

The milestone comes as non-essential retail, pubs, cafes and have all been able to reopen with social distancing measures in place.

, Area Director of East Yorkshire, said that the resumption of normal timetables feels like an important step for the company.

“During the lockdown, we’ve been running buses to special timetables designed at getting key workers to essential , and when lockdown started our passengers were down by 90%,” he said.

“As the weeks have gone by and lockdown restrictions have been eased, we’ve been able to gradually increase the number of journeys we run.  Returning to our full timetables feels like the region is starting to get back to normal, and will be a big boost for our bus drivers, who have worked so hard during the coronavirus crisis.”

The bus company has put many measures in place to make sure people can travel safely on their buses, including putting up screens around drivers, allowing fewer people onto each bus, bringing in an enhanced cleaning regime and offering new tickets designed for people who aren’t going into work every day.  Passengers are also all required to wear face coverings.

 “Although we can carry fewer people on each bus, we’ve put in new tools on our website which mean people can check which are the quietest journeys on their route,” Ben continued.  “We’re so thankful for the support and good wishes we’ve had from the public during the crisis, and we’re looking forward to welcoming people back onto the buses.”

You can see the new bus timetables by visiting www.eastyorkshirebuses.co.uk, by ringing BusLine on 01482 59 29 29, by downloading the East Yorkshire Buses app, or by referring to your pre-lockdown timetable leaflet.

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