New Businesses Eligible For Discretionary Grant Scheme

New Businesses Eligible For Discretionary Grant Scheme
New Businesses Eligible For Discretionary Grant Scheme

East Riding businesses who provide goods and services to the local retail, leisure and hospitality industry and have so far failed to secure Government grants during the pandemic may now be eligible to apply for new funding.

Minimum grants of £5,000 are being made available to those eligible businesses directly involved in the supply chain to those in the retail, leisure and hospitality sector and who have a rateable value of more than £15,000 and less than £51,000.

The grants are being made available as part of phase two of the £4 million Government-backed discretionary grant scheme, which is being administered by , to help those businesses who have been unable to access other forms of financial support.

The businesses being invited to apply for the grants in phase two are:

  • breweries and premises
  • factories and premises
  • showroom workshops and premises
  • warehouses and premises
  • workshops and premises

Phase one of the scheme for eligible small and micro businesses and charities will also remain open for applications.

Councillor , leader of , said: “The council is very much aware of the impact of the pandemic on the retail, leisure and hospitality sector and the importance of this industry to the East Riding economy.

“The second phase of the discretionary grant scheme is very much aimed at those businesses in the supply chain who did not receive financial support through the Government’s retail, leisure and hospitality grant scheme.

“Phase one of the scheme is still open and I would urge all those businesses identified as being able to apply for a grant, to look at the criteria and submit an application form.”

For more information, details of the criteria for the discretionary grant scheme as well as the application forms go to

The deadline for phase one and phase two applications is Sunday, 12 July 2020.

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