Government U-Turn On Free School Meals Will Benefit Local Children

Government U-Turn On Free School Meals Will Benefit Local Children
Government U-Turn On Free School Meals Will Benefit Local Children

Thousands of children in the East Riding of Yorkshire will continue to receive a free school meal during the summer holidays.

Boris Johnson and his Government were forced to make a U-Turn on their decision not to feed children during summer after high profile campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford.

In East Yorkshire, the local authority says that over 6,000 children qualify for a free school meal.

During the pandemic, pressure has mounted on a number of families who are struggling to put a meal on the table.

As a result of this, Rashford who plays for wrote to the PM and also took to twitter. Rashford called for people across the nation for support and also to retweet his letter while copying in their local MP.

Thanks to his actions the government were forced to rethink their position and make funding available to ensure children do not go hungry this summer.

Rashford Used Twitter Calling For Free School Meals Over Summer

Now children in England, including the East Riding of Yorkshire who qualify will now receive a voucher for the six week period.

says that schools in the area have done all they can to ensure the region’s children have been fed.

Commenting on free school meals a spokesperson for the council outlined what had been done locally. They said;

“There are approximately 6,750 pupils attending East Riding schools who are eligible for free school meals.”

“Schools across the East Riding continue to ensure that pupils eligible for benefits-related free school meals have continued to be provided for during the pandemic.”

“This has involved a variety of approaches, including providing a packed lunch or ‘grab bag’, with some schools delivering lunches or parents and carers collecting meals from schools.”

“Other schools have provided families with vouchers which can be spent in a range of supermarkets.”

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  1. At least the u-turn gives the parents of these poor children MORE money to spend on tatoo’s Sky,Phones,drugs 50+ TV’s etc.A regrettable action by the government.

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