Cllr Healy Thanks Emergency Workers For Their Work During Pandemic

Cllr Healy Thanks Emergency Workers For Their Work During Pandemic
Cllr Healy Thanks Emergency Workers For Their Work During Pandemic

Cllr has thanked Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust on behalf of the town for work they are doing during the Pandemic.

His words come on the day that the nation will come together one final time to Clap For Carers.

Cllr Healy also says the public support shown over the past ten weeks is a genuine appreciation for the risks taken by key workers.

Town Council has installed a number of signs around the town showing their support for key workers.

Speaking to .net Cllr Healy said;

“How the public have reacted to supporting key workers in has been overwhelming. I certainly have not experienced anything like it.”

“The public appreciation of these people in the front line of the NHS just shows the spirit of people not just in but across the country.”

“It has been a genuine appreciation for people who are putting their lives at risk. I myself have been out each week to clap. I have seen how everyone from children to pensioners gets involved.”

“More to the point the clap for carers has brought people together.”

Cllr Healy Says Efforts By NHS Appreciated By Entire Town

Cllr Healy added;

“There are people who are genuinely sad this will be the last time they come out on a Thursday night. It is a fitting tribute to the people who have done so much though it can not last forever.”

“That said the appreciation will live on in the memory forever and it is fantastic what these people have been doing.”

“It is difficult to find words to express the gratitude of the people of this town for these brave men and women.”

“The residents of the town are just overwhelmed with gratitude. Almost saying thank you just does not sound enough.”

“On behalf of , I would like to say one heartfelt thanks from every single person in this town. Because I do know that every single resident in really means it.”

“As a representative in the town, I just want to thank them for everything they have done. We love you all for what you have done.”

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