Primary Schools Will Open In East Yorkshire Next Month

Primary Schools Will Open In East Yorkshire Next Month
Primary Schools Will Open In East Yorkshire Next Month

While a number of councils in England say they will not be opening primary schools East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be.

However, schools in East Yorkshire will open a week after the date set by the government on 8 June. 

The government Department for says they want children back at school as soon as possible. They also say that it will be good for children’s education and well-being to return to the classroom.

Yorkshire and the North East based on the latest figures tops the table for infection rates with an ‘R value’ of 0.8. While London, which has seen the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is bottom with 0.4 ‘R value.’

says the decision ultimately on opening primary schools is one to be made by the council and headteachers.

He said;

“Getting past the peak of coronavirus has been hard-won, with healthcare and other key workers doing an incredible job in extremely difficult circumstances.”

“Their hard work allows us to move onto the important task of planning how to restart parts of our normal life in a safe and measured way.”

“Guided by scientific advice, this includes schools reopening to a few more pupils from 1 June at the earliest, as generally school is the best place for children to be.”

“This is as long as the Government’s 5 tests on controlling the infection rate and keeping new cases down continue to be met.”

“I’ve spoken with the Humber Local Resilience Forum, who reiterated that 1 June is a ‘must not open before’ date rather than a ‘must open by’ date.”

“Ultimately it’s for headteachers to make the best decisions they can, based on the guidance on safety from East Riding Council and central government.”

Unions Call For Primary Schools Opening To Be Planned Properly

TUC secretary general, Frances O’Grady says the opening of schools needs to be planned properly. She is concerned if not then it will run the risk of repeating the chaos and confusion caused by the back-to-work announcement.

Cllr Denis Healy says a number of parents have raised their concerns about returning their children to school. He also says the government are keeping parents and teachers in the dark when it comes to the facts.

He said;

“The Government has shown massive indecision over whether and when to reopen schools, and this is causing confusion and concern amongst parents.”

“Having asked schools to plan for certain year groups returning from 1 June, the government then changed its mind this week to pass the buck to headteachers. The local authority has now decided that our East Riding schools will not re-open before 8 June.”

“Many parents I have spoken to are concerned about sending their children  back to school too early when the health risks of doing so are unclear.”

“The Government has so far failed to publish the scientific advice behind the decision to reopen schools, with parents and teachers being kept in the dark.”

“We all want to get children back in school but the public need answers, particularly the likely impact of these measures on the infection rate.”

“I urge the government to waste no more time, and come clean with everyone about what the science is telling us about the risks of infections in schools once they are reopened.”

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